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Bioenergy Resources, LLC provides front-end technical assessment of waste-to-energy conversion systems to emerging nations and islands to upgrade their waste disposal.

Waste should be disposed of in an environmentally and economically viable manner. Modern waste-to-energy facilities efficiently convert wastes into energy for sale and do so while protecting the environment.

Waste may be disposed by:


Emerging nations have historically disposed of waste in an open dump, leaving it exposed to liquid leaching into streams and water tables, subject to fires, available for animals, vermin and microorganisms, and open to human scavenging.


Progression to modern landfill from open dumping requires engineered construction, including liners, day cover, liquid collection and landfill gas collection. Revenue from landfill gas conversion to heat and/or electricity is possible.


Aerobic composting of organic material provides a soil amendment. Anaerobic digestion of organics provides potential revenue from the biogas and potentially power generation. Anaerobic digestion converts about 50 percent of the organic fraction into a biogas (about 50% methane). Unconverted and wet organics must be land applied as a soil amendment or landfilled. High lignin bearing materials such as wood and biomass are difficult for AD processing, requiring longer residence times and therefore larger equipment. All other combustibles must be disposed in a landfill.


Thermal conversion of the entire combustible fraction allows for a more complete destruction of the waste and minimization of landfilling to only the ash and non-combustible materials. Thermal conversion includes pyrolysis, gasification and incineration.


The chosen system is the Consutech® system is described as a modular, controlled air gasification system. The overall process is a multi-chambered, two-stage process incorporating a Primary (or lower) Chamber for handling and gasification of the solid wastes and a Secondary (upper) Chamber to complete the oxidation of the combustible gases (syngas) from the Primary Chamber.

Hot flue gas from the Secondary Chamber passes through a heat recovery boiler to generate steam, then is conditioned in an evaporative cooler, cleaned via a dry scrubbing system, filtered to remove particulate matter, cooled to condense and polish and then discharged to the atmosphere via the stack.

There are many advantages of the Consutech® system over other thermal processing systems.



Consutech Systems, LLC markets a line of pre-engineered, modular, controlled air gasification systems with more than 35 models available for 8, 16 or continuous 24 hour per day operation. Single unit disposal rates of up to 150 tons per day are offered. Multiple systems can be efficiently combined to provide a cost effective plant with a total capacity of 750 or more tons per day.



Energy recovery systems are designed to match the specific needs of an application. Steam generation is the most flexible and popular form of energy recovery although other forms such as hot water, hot oil, hot air, and electricity generation are available.



A proprietary Dry Scrubber/Fabric Filter air quality control system is available to match all systems and other applications. High efficiency and environmental goals of the system are compatible and are the main design considerations. These goals are achieved by the use of an integrated control system, which monitors the overall system. An integrated approach to design is required to allow for the wide variation of conditions, which occur in waste processing systems. This technology specifically meets the needs of waste processing. Systems are specifically designed to meet air emission requirements.



The Consutech modular technology offers many advantages. Each system is engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested at their manufacturing facility. The system is then disassembled and shipped in convenient shipping sizes for fast, efficient and reliable installation. This approach eliminates troublesome schedule delays associated with site-erected systems. The technology and efficient manufacturing techniques established by Consutech Systems, LLC's experienced personnel results in higher quality control, shorter delivery time and more competitive pricing.



Over 45 years of experience, supplying over 5,400 systems (various sizes and waste types) worldwide, with the qualification of the Consutech technology is unequaled in the many models and size ranges offered. The strong Consutech commitment to develop solid waste gasification, emissions control, and energy recovery systems continues. Consutech has numerous waste-to-energy systems operating or under construction. There are over 60 communities in the United States and numerous others around the world that have been served by municipal machines including non-energy systems.



The fact that each unit of the systems are pre-assembled and tested prior to disassembly and shipment plus the years experience and number of installations that Consutech has means the units will work as designed. Moving parts within the gasifier consist of highly reliable hydraulic actuated rams to advance the waste through the unit. Final ash drops into a water bath for quenching and removed by a drag conveyor. Gas cleanup Proper operation and maintenance of the total systems has allowed Consutech to realize a 94 percent availability factor.



Minimal, if any, pre-processing is required. Many installations feed the waste as received, removing only bulky and clearly un-combustible items. Whole tires may be added to the waste in-feed without size reduction. Front-end recycling systems may be installed as desired. Moisture content may require reduction (to below 40%) prior feeding into the gasification units.


Equally important to equipment development are permitting assistance and the development and training of the specialized talents needed to install and operate these facilities. Consutech Systems, LLC has the experience and capability to assure efficient installation and start-up, and to provide training for correct operation of the system.

Bioenergy Resources, LLC intends to partner with AMEC Foster Wheeler for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) as well as for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the waste-to-energy facilities.

AMEC Foster Wheeler ( is a global engineering and construction contractor and power equipment supplier, with a reputation of delivering technically-advanced, reliable facilities and equipment with world-class quality and safety.

AMEC Foster Wheeler provides to third party facilities, operations and start-up, commissioning and maintenance services to power plants around the world firing a diverse variety of fuels.


- Plant Staffing
- Performance modeling of steam and power cycle to maximize efficiency
- Detailed O&M cost estimate for long term optimization of client's facility
- Enhanced training and maintenance scheduling
- Boiler and balance of plant upgrades
- Detailed Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) with economic justification
- Highly skilled workforce of technically trained service personnel to draw from
- Reduced life-cycle costs with improved performance
- Improved availability and reliability for existing facilities
- Plant Assessments with capability to implement optimization strategy
- OEM trained operators and AMEC Foster Wheeler Global Power trained staff
- Outage planning and execution

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