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Consutech Systems, LLC is the technology provider for the thermal municipal waste treatment and production of electricity.

Consutech Systems, LLC ( has over 45 years of experience in thermal treatment of municipal and medical waste by gasification / combustion with more than 5,400 units installed worldwide. These units range in size from 16 to 150 tons per day. The units are modular with current installations of up to 400 tons per day. Over 60 communities in the United States and other parts of the world have been served by municipal machines including non-energy systems. Two operating municipal solid waste installation examples:

Location Capacity Steam Produced
Toronto, Canada 400 tons per day 600 psig steam
Hartford County, MD, USA 360 tons per day 350 psig steam

EPC and O&M

AMEC Foster Wheeler is the engineering procurement construction (EPC) and the operations and maintenance (O&M) provider.

AMEC Foster Wheeler ( has been in the engineering and contracting business for over 150 years and has over 40,000 employees worldwide in 50 offices including three in South Africa and one in Nigeria. Their customers, in both the private and public sector, are among the world’s biggest and best in their fields – BP, Shell, BR Petrobras, KNPC, Ontario Power Generation, GDF Suez, Sempra, ExxonMobil, Dow, INEOS, EDF, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Hyundai, Ministry of Transportation, Rio Tinto, Northumbrian Water, Codelco, Chevron, K+S, Saudi Aramco, Petronas, Pemex, Marubeni Corporation, Duke Energy, to name just a few. The company has 50,000MW of installed electrical power capacity experience and operates several power facilities around the world.

Installed power plants utilizing biomass and municipal solid waste are listed below:

Location Fuel Net Energy Output
BMHKW Emlichheim, Germany Recycled Wood 20 MWe
Simmering, Austria Wood Chips 23 MWe
Parona, Italy MSW RDF 17 MWe
HVCBio-Eergiecentrale, Alkmaar, Netherlands Demo Wood 28 MWe
Igelsta, Sweeden Biomass, REF, Demo Wood 85 MWe
Kaukas, Sweeden Biomass, Peat 125 MWe
A&S Oostrozebeke, Belgium Demo Wood 26 MWe
P15, Sweden RDF 30 MWe
Norrkoping, Sweden MSW RDF 30 MWe
Keljonlahti, Finland Milled Peat & Biomass 200 MWe
Konin, Poland Wood, Crop Waste 200 MWe
St. Paul, Virginia, USA Coal & Biomass 585 MWe
Polaniec, Poland Wood Residues, Agro Biomass 195 MWe
Samcheok, South Korea High-Moisture Coal, Biomass 2,080 MWe
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