Bioenergy Resources LLC

Our History

Bioenergy Resources, LLC (Bioenergy) is a developer of waste-to-energy projects in emerging countries. Bioenergy personnel have an extensive history in biochemical engineering process development.

1985 to 2008

Bioenergy staff successfully completed over 40 projects (with total value over USD 50 million) for the U.S Departments of Energy, Agriculture, Defense, and National Science Foundation and various industrial concerns. Key technology developed was gasification and fermentation technologies for production of ethanol or acetic acid from solid wastes.

2008 to 2014

The principal assets of Bioengineering Resources, Inc. were purchased in 2008 by INEOS Bio to commercialize the gasification and fermentation processes for converting wastes into ethanol. Bioenergy personnel worked for INEOS Bio ( during the design, construction and start-up phase. Bioengineering Resources, Inc. name changed to Bioethanol Holdings, Inc.

2013 to 2014

Bioethanol Holdings conducted an extensive study for a waste-to-energy facility in Kigali, Rwanda. That project was selected to compete in Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network’s (CTI PFAN) Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFRICEF-3). Bioenergy was awarded semi-finalist out of over 100 projects submitted.

Bioethanol Holdings, Inc. was closed at the end of 2014 and initiated Bioenergy Resources, LLC.

The Bioethanol staff now work for Bioenergy Resources, LLC and remain committed to assisting emerging nations in applying waste-to-energy technology to facilitate community development issues.

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